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Who are Sydney Angels


Sydney Angels was launched in 2008 by Vivian Stewart, a former director, and several associates, of AAAI to bring together Sydney-based investors and entrepreneurs. Sydney Angels is a formal angel group focused on the needs and successes of its angel members. It is a potential source of capital for innovative, high-growth, early stage businesses based in and around Sydney.

Target Investments

Sydney Angels seeks businesses that meet its investment criteria, are globally scalable, have high growth potential, address large markets, have strong competitive advantages, clear IP ownership, entrepreneurial management and the potential to generate high capital gains.

Current Investment Criteria

  • businesses seeking $100k – $1m equity capital
  • angels expect >10% equity
  • deals that are fresh and have not been widely shopped around

Suitable deals are then subject to a disciplined deal evaluation process.  Those assessed as suitable are invited to present at a Sydney Angels members-only meeting.


Sydney Angels is growing a diverse and richly experienced membership of angels, many of whom are successful former entrepreneurs.  These people and their networks cover the early-stage ecosystem in Australia and extend to many overseas markets. Sydney Angels offers membership to experienced and aspiring angels seeking quality early-stage deals and who are in a position to invest in high risk companies with no guarantee of return on investment, and provides the support of fellow angels in an organized investment group.

Sydney Angels’ Vital Connections


PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia is Australia’s (PWC) leading professional services firm and provides industry-focused assurance, tax and advisory services to build public trust and enhance value for clients and their stakeholders.
Sydney Angels (SA) has a sponsorship agreement with PWC. PWC is the principal founding sponsor and exclusive sponsor of SA from the legal and accounting professions. The initial term of the sponsorship agreement is for 3 years, with an ability to extend the agreement.

PWC provides certain legal, tax and advisory services to SA as requested by SA as part of the sponsorship agreement. The sponsorship agreement also provides SA members with access to PWC services at discounted rates. As part of the sponsorship agreement PWC supports the SA management committee by providing assistance from senior staff members skilled and experienced in working with high growth, high potential businesses. The sponsorship agreement also provides opportunities for SA and PWC to work together to provide informational, training and support sessions to angel investors and investee companies. www.pwc.com.au

ATP Innovations

ATP Innovations Pty Limited (ATP) is Australia’s leading technology business incubator. Based at the Australian Technology Park, ATP has a portfolio of over 50 companies in the IT, engineering, and life sciences sectors.

The company works with early-stage entrepreneurs to build value and accelerate their success, providing access to facilities, a connected network, and targeted guidance and advice from the executive team at ATP. ATP has been a founding supporter of SA since the group’s inception in 2008, hosting the management team and screening meetings, as well as providing back office support to the group. As important components of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Australia, SA and ATP enjoy significant synergies.

Deal flow for SA is provided by the pipeline of companies currently working with ATP, as well as those companies at an earlier stage seeking seed investment. ATP also provides a focal point for experienced angels investors, as well as investors new to angel investing to engage with SA. ATP has also been a key contributor to the professional development activities of SA, drawing on the company’s skills and expertise in structuring early stage investments to lead and champion best practice in angel investing for the group.

Giffith Hack

Griffith Hack (GH) is a major Australian Intellectual Property firm, comprising patent and trade mark attorneys, IP lawyers and information services. GH provides a full range of comprehensive IP services to many of Australia’s leading companies.

GH also acts for many overseas corporates, including many from the United States and Europe. GH assists SA with technology and IP review in order to facilitate screening of prospective entrepreneurs. GH are involved in the SA management team and deal screening meetings. SA is also an opportunity for GH clients to obtain funding at an early stage of their ventures. www.griffithhack.com.au

Davies Collision Cave

Davies Collison Cave (DCC) combines one of Australia’s leading patent and trade mark attorney firms and Davies Collison Cave Law, the associated intellectual property legal practice. DCC is an integrated national firm with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle and Canberra.

DCC specialises in the procuring, licensing, exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property rights, including patents, trade marks, designs, trade secrets, copyright, licensing and litigation. DCC advises a full range of innovators from individuals or SMEs to major Australian and international companies. Intellectual property can be extremely valuable and DCC assists where appropriate in the activities of Sydney Angels. www.davies.com.au

NSW State Government

SA has engaged with the NSW State Government since inception to build understanding and knowledge of the role of the angel sector in creating investment and job opportunities.
On a number of occasions, SA Management Committee members and SA Members themselves, have met NSW State government staff and spoken at a number of NSW State Government sponsored events and programs. On 7 June 2010, SA received an offer from Industry and Investment NSW to provide funding for the engagement of a SA part-time administrator for a period of 12 months to support the expansion of the SA network in order to increase angel funding of early stage companies.
SA will support and participate in 2 workshops funded by Industry and Innovation NSW, targeted at companies involved in the Australian Technology Showcase and Pathways programs. www.nsw.gov.au

For More Information on Sydney Angels please go to the Sydney Angels’ website www.sydneyangels.net.au
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